Aikido of Colorado
Fort Collins, Colorado

Aikido of Colorado meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:00–8:30pm at the Colorado State University (CSU) Rec Center.

Aikido of Colorado is a member dojo of the United States Aikido Federation (USAF), and is recognized by Hombu Dojo, the Aikido world headquarters in Tokyo, Japan.

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  • About Aikido

    Aikido is a traditional Japanese martial art based on principles of harmony and non-violence. The techniques focus on removing an attacker's ability to do harm without harming the attacker. The art is non-competitive, and is learned via cooperative practice with other students.

    • Blending

      Aikido techniques focus on "blending" with an attack instead of resisting it, redirecting force harmlessly and allowing movement into a more advantageous position.

    • Taking Balance

      Aikido practitioners seek to unbalance the attacker while maintaining their own balance, making it easier to resolve the attack and prevent further attacks.

    • Throws

      Aikido features many throwing techniques. Practitioners learn to both throw and fall without being hurt.

    • Joint Locks

      Aikido has a wide variety of techniques to control major joints, which restricts the attacker's movement and removes their ability to continue to attack.

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About Victor Hung Sensei

Victor Hung Sensei founded Aikido of Colorado in 2010 and currently serves as Chief Instructor. Victor is a godan (5th degree black belt), and has been practicing Aikido for over 20 years. He has attended and taught seminars across the United States.

  • Lineage

    Victor is a close and direct student of Peter Bernath Sensei, Florida Aikikai.

  • Teaching Focus

    Victor emphasizes the importance of ukemi (safe falling techniques) and control in his teaching.

  • Humor

    Victor's relaxed humor makes the dojo a warm and welcoming place to learn the art.

Assistant Instructors

Aikido of Colorado's assistant instructors.

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    Stephen Hlawaty

    Stephen Hlawaty (nidan) began his Aikido training in 1999 under Hiroshi Ikeda Sensei of Boulder Aikikai. Stephen has trained at Aikido of Colorado since 2012. Off the mat, Stephen teaches Language Arts at Poudre High School in Fort Collins.

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    Casandra Shell

    Casandra Shell (shodan) began her Aikido journey with Aikido of Colorado in 2013. She enjoys bringing the practice of Aikido into daily life through mindfulness. Casandra also certified as an E-RYT 200HR Yoga Instructor & Meditation teacher.

Thoughts From Our Students

Aikido students practice for all sorts of reasons.

  • Sofia Koepke

    CSU student: Fish, Wildlife, & Conservation Biology

    "Aikido is a journey. Every night on the mat I get to release the worries of the day and become stronger for a better tomorrow. The Aikido community brings people from every walk of life and gathers them together. It's a unique time in which we all release our previous fears and move forward with courage and trust. We all help each other to grow and in doing so we improve ourselves."

  • Kalin Wiersma

    CSU student: Chemical Engineering

    "I enjoy Aikido because I get to practice in a place with great people, where I can leave stresses at the door. It’s also a great workout."

  • Josh Kaufman

    Community Member

    "Aikido of Colorado is a wonderful dojo: I couldn't have asked for a better introduction to the art. I love everything about Aikido: the physical challenge, the fluidity of the techniques, and the community of great people working to improve and support one another."

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See You On The Mat!

Aikido of Colorado meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:00–8:30pm at the Colorado State University (CSU) Rec Center.

The dojo is located in the Mat Room on the 2nd floor. Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to prepare the dojo, stretch, and warm up.

An active CSU ID card is required to access the Rec Center. Class enrollment fees are charged each semester, and there is a separate annual fee for USAF membership and testing. CSU students and faculty may sign up for class via the Rec Center's front desk or website.

If you are not affiliated with CSU, please contact us for information on how to sign up.

Feel free to ask us about Aikido or how to start practicing with us.
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